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Rice once again grips every reader’s mind by presenting another thrilling mystery novel. “Sex and Drug Addiction And The Insanity of It All” introduces readers to four individuals and their addictions , and let readers see how each of them combats the dark shadow that seems to feed on their addictions. In his latest novel, Rice tells a story that highlights the addictive behaviors and the associated consequences which eventually lead to the physical and emotional destruction, of possibly some of the most exciting and dynamic characters he has ever created in his mystery writing career. Within the pages of this new tale, readers will see how dark and ominous addicts can become when they can never overcome their addiction even inside treatment centers. Jimmy Lee was the person whose military career ended after a tragic accident and later on became addicted to prescription pain medication. Then there’s Barbara, she was a woman whose sexual needs could not be satisfied by her husband, and she finds ways to fulfill her sometimes incestuous needs. There is also Neil, the male woman- chaser who doesn’t know which way to turn and found doubt in what he believed was the truth. And finally there is Toni, the character that you must read about in this novel to truly understand the intense insanity that controlled his or maybe her every behavior. All of these exciting characters are eventually consumed by the dark shadow of their own personal and quite often deadly addictions. Deeply-rooted on the current plague in humanity, this mystery novel presents the realities of the psychological consequences associated with addiction, and the components of therapy treatment directed toward the volatile drug and sexual abuses that definitely alters life of the people it enslaves and damages the personality of those patients afflicted with the disease of ‘Addiction.’
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159th annual meeting was held at Stanley Bridge Country Inn on Saturday to discuss three resolutions including cyber wellness, alcohol addictions and reproductive care. Dr. David Bannon, president of the society, said the emergence of the Internet and the Internet culture creates certain problems society hasnt had to deal with before and cyber bullying is one of them. That is a very challenging issue that needs attention, Bannon said. Chris Simpson, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said the traditional way people used to be bullied, in the schoolyard with words and at times physical violence, has given way to the digital environment of cyber bullying. Its a bit more insidious because you cant necessarily see that it is happening. Simpson said its their intent to develop a pilot project to view and deal with it differently. As part of the resolution, the medical society has partnered with Parry Aftab, an expert in the area of cyber wellness. The second resolution discussed was alcohol addictions on P.E.I. which Simpson said is a disease that crosses all social spectrums. The key is to develop programs that can help people recognize and treat these addictions in a non-judgmental way instead of casting people to the outside to recover from a difficult problem. The third resolution discussed was reproductive care and Dr. Jerry OHanley, co-chair of the health care and promotion committee of the medical society, said he feels the program was much more dynamic in days gone by.
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Or a crime-solving genius. Or a damsel-in-distress-rescuing strongman. So sometimes, like live humans, fictional characters feel they need a little help to face life’s challenges. And sometimes that help can come in the form of substances that cause serious harm. A bit of white powder here. A glug glug of beer there. In short, in fiction, there are often addictions. A graphic released Tuesday by substance abuse recovery site Withdrawal.net rounds up 31 popular characters from movies and television and digs into their particular habits — and how much they cost. It’s fiction, but “the reality of substance abuse is brought to life every day” by these characters, the site argues, and so — at least sometimes — are the consequences. Some of these characters grapple with substances that can cause grave problems in real life. Other “substances,” like spinach, could be considered a healthy habit. Related stories Sobriety app with panic button helps addicts stay on the wagon Even though Holmes wears a nicotine patch on the current BBC show “Sherlock,” Withdrawal.net points out that he was found in a drug den in one episode, and estimates his rate of cocaine use as equivalent to about $480 per month. Then there’s Popeye, whose downing of cans of spinach with wild, one-eyed abandon (and what about that pipe, eh?) would cost him about $50 a month.
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The use of refined sugars is perhaps the most common method of feeding food addictions, with modern Americans consuming exponentially higher amounts of sugar than their ancestors. Katie Couric joined with Laurie David and director Stephanie Soechtig to produce the new attention-grabbing documentary Fed Up , about how food manufacturers have exploited our sweet tooth to expand our consumption of their products, even as we become obese and diseased as a result. This film is highlighting something that is well known by many – that refined foods are not that healthy for us and are contributing to common health problems. Unfortunately, even though many people know this they are reluctant to change their eating habits. Thus, the creators of the film have issued a challenge for the public to try going 10 days sugar-free . If you try this challenge and notice that you are going through withdrawals, recognize that this is often what happens when people are quitting something unhealthy that they are addicted to. Sugar has been compared to addictive drugs, since like those drugs it is being consumed in amounts that are toxic to the body and which disturb the body’s systems.
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Program brings hope to those with addictions, hurts, emotional struggles

The Star had spoken with sources who said Ford was staying at GreeneStone , located three kilometres north of Bala, Ont., but until Friday the addictions treatment centre had stayed silent on the matter. Late Friday afternoon, GreeneStone issued a statement, saying it had received Fords consent to say he was there. We confirm that Rob Ford is undergoing treatment at our facility, the unsigned statement said. We ask that the public and the media respect the privacy of all the patients at GreeneStone, to ensure they receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment. GreeneStone declined to comment further on the nature or length of Fords treatment, citing patient care and confidentiality issues. Ford was spotted at least a couple times on Friday in Midland, Ont., about an hour southwest of the Greenstone facility. One resident, Kim Masin, got a photo with Ford and posted it on Twitter. Another, Liam Steffler, snapped a shot of the mayor leaving a cash store.
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GreeneStone rehab clinic confirms Rob Ford getting treatment | Toronto Star

Today, hes helping others with addictions and harmful habits find hope for a new life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without the love grace and mercy of God, I literally wouldnt be here today, said the 49-year-old Hayes, adding that he was on a path of self-destruction. He is among local facilitatators for Celebrate Recovery, a biblically-based support group providing tools for people to find freedom from drugs, alcohol, overeating, pornography, gambling, smoking and a host of other harmful habits or struggles. Programs at local churches offer weekly meetings highlighting elements from surrender to quiet time and prayer in a 12-step format. This story appears in the print edition of The Republic. Subscribers can read the entire story online by signing in here or in our e-Edition by clicking here .
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