Utah Mother Accused Of Slaying Six Infants Was Hooked On Meth: Police – Yahoo News

The infants’ remains were found wrapped in old towels, shirts and plastic bags and stuffed inside cardboard boxes in the garage of Huntsman’s former home in Pleasant Grove, Utah, a suburb just north of Provo. The body of a seventh infant was found disposed of in the same way, but authorities say that child was stillborn. Police have said Huntsman secretly gave birth to all seven babies without medical assistance at home, after apparently managing to conceal her pregnancies from the outside world. Hunstman, who remains jailed in lieu of $6 million bond, has yet to enter a plea. She has undergone a court-ordered evaluation to determine whether she is competent to stand trial, and a hearing on that issue is set for July 21. Authorities previously have said Huntsman had explained her rationale for the killings to police when she confessed. But the alleged motive was not disclosed until Tuesday, when police also released the results of DNA tests confirming she was the slain infants’ biological mother. Pleasant Grove police Captain Mike Roberts said the woman had told detectives that she was hooked on methamphetamine and alcohol at the time, and did not feel she could sustain her addictions while caring for the children. “When it came to money, it was either drugs or the babies. She made the decision,” Roberts told Reuters. DNA tests also confirmed that Huntsman’s estranged husband, Darren West, whose discovery of one of the tiny bodies triggered the investigation, was the father of all seven babies – two boys and five girls, Roberts said.
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Food addiction is conquered in 283-pound weight loss : Lifestyles

See full story. Smartphone dependency fuels other addictions, say rehab clinics Mobile devices can exacerbate anxiety and all kinds of self-destructive behavior. See full story. 5 lopsided wins to compare with Germany’s 7-1 defeat of Brazil in World Cup semifinal Five sports blowouts to compare with Germany’s defeat of Brazil in the World Cup semifinal. See full story. Foreign home buyers flock to U.S. Home sales made to international buyers rose about 35% for the year ending March 2014, as people took advantage of favorable exchange rates and affordable prices. See full story. 5 states with the most (and fewest) foreclosures Foreclosures as a percentage of sales are falling, but theyre still high in some states. See full story.
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10 companies that put nearly all the food on supermarket shelves – Yahoo News

Thats one meal, one day, each week. She plans to do this forever. Nothing is going to change what Im doing. Im an-all-or-nothing-kind of girl. Thats because she designed her nutrition program less from diets and more for a person withdrawing from a dependency. Im a food addict . Its like a drug. (Food) helped me emotionally. Any problems I had, I used food to make me feel better. She remembers sharing fast-food fries with her mother and home-cooked feasts that families share. Food clouded her memories. When she talked in junior high school about losing 70 pounds, another student told her that even though she lost the weight, she was still fat.
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