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What can I do to get my husband back? FED UP IN FRESNO DEAR FED UP: Your husband may be addicted to exercise which is not unlike other addictions. In fact, almost three per cent of our population is addicted to exercise, with marathon runners and sports science students among the most highly addicted. It also tends to be paired with addictions such as food disorders, caffeine use, shopping, or even work as co-occuring ( COD ) disorders. Exercise addiction is a process addiction in which a person engages in compulsive, mood-altering behaviors with the intention of avoiding painful feelings, according to Kim Dennis , MD, CEO, and medical director of the Timberlake Knolls Residential Treatment Center . Those addicted to exercise chase the high, and this behavior ultimately becomes unmanageable and destructive. However, Dr. Dennis maintains that there are certain criteria that must be met in order for your husbands behavior to be considered an addiction including: Tolerance: increasing the amount (of exercise) to feel the desired effect Withdrawal: negative effects such as anxiety, irritability, restlessness, and sleep problem, when exercise is stopped Lack of control: attempts to reduce exercise fail Intention: unable to adhere to intended routine Time: a great deal of time is spent preparing for, engaging in , and recovering from exercise Reduction in other activities: social, occupational, and/or recreational are reduced Continuance: continuing despite negative physical, psychological, and/or interpersonal consequences As with many addictions, dependence on exercise can start innocently, adds Dr. Dennis. The individual often receives validation or reinforcement for exercising. Once an individual is hooked, a need to achieve the euphoric state eclipses all else.
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Dr. David Bannon, president of the society, said the emergence of the Internet and the Internet culture creates certain problems society hasnt had to deal with before and cyber bullying is one of them. That is a very challenging issue that needs attention, Bannon said. Chris Simpson, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said the traditional way people used to be bullied, in the schoolyard with words and at times physical violence, has given way to the digital environment of cyber bullying. Its a bit more insidious because you cant necessarily see that it is happening. Simpson said its their intent to develop a pilot project to view and deal with it differently. As part of the resolution, the medical society has partnered with Parry Aftab, an expert in the area of cyber wellness. The second resolution discussed was alcohol addictions on P.E.I. which Simpson said is a disease that crosses all social spectrums. The key is to develop programs that can help people recognize and treat these addictions in a non-judgmental way instead of casting people to the outside to recover from a difficult problem. The third resolution discussed was reproductive care and Dr. Jerry OHanley, co-chair of the health care and promotion committee of the medical society, said he feels the program was much more dynamic in days gone by.
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The Addictions Academy Expands to Offer International Master Addictions Courses and Certifications –

Miami, FL, June 26, 2014 –( )– The Addictions Academy has announced that they are expanding their services to include a unique International Master Addiction Coaching Certification. With 6 core classes and 6 months of supervision it is currently the most intense Sober Coaching or Addiction Coaching Certification on the planet. This Certification will encompass 6 of the most sought after Addiction Coaches classes being offered: Recovery Coaching I and II, Family Recovery Coaching, Food Addictions Coaching, Gambling Addiction Coaching and Anger Management. Clients also receive 6 months of clinical supervision once per week and can discuss current cases and clients in supervision class. This International Certification offers 86 Units and 85 Continuing Education Units from NAADAC. I wanted offer something that will set the industry on its head, Cali Estes, Founder said. There are a lot of people out there doing addictions coaching and sober coaching with little to no training and zero supervision. At The Addictions Academy we are setting the industry standard for ethics, education and credentialing. The Addictions Academy offers National and International Certifications and courses ranging from Addiction Coaching to Intervention, to advanced Clinical Intervention with the ISE endorsement through CAADAC. They also offer a full business program to assist the student in setting up a practice or adding more clients to their existing practice. As the New York Yankees Intervention Coach, attending The Addictions Academy provided me the opportunity to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Ron Dock, NY Yankees Interventionist said I took the Intervention classes which were very informative. The classes were taught in a manner where I can understand them and were very worthwhile.
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