The Addictions Academy Releases National And State Credentialing Requirements –

Each state is beginning to enact its own set of state regulations and rules complete with a state exam to register for state credentialing. There is no need to join an independent group to verify your credentials, unless you simply want to join a club. The Pennsylvania Certification Board has enacted the first CIP credential. The CIP credential requires a National Certification from an approved body, 1000-6000 experience hours, depending on level of education, 80-270 hours of education units in the discipline, 0-200 supervision hours and a state examination. Pennsylvania is the only state to offer the CIP currently and set forth a standardization for other states to follow. The CIP is available for anyone in any state at this time. With Pennsylvania enacting the first standardization for interventionists, other states will follow for both intervention and Recovery Coaching. Currently The Addictions Academy is the only National organization that is able to offer CEUs through both CAADAC and NAADAC and the coveted ISE endorsement. The Addictions Academy offers 6 full months of supervision with their Master Addiction Coaching Program and can provide both live courses and webinars for those that cannot travel. There are a few Recovery Coaching Certifications on the market but they are peer to peer, Estes said.
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The costly addictions of Iron Man, Sherlock, and more – CNET


Or a damsel-in-distress-rescuing strongman. So sometimes, like live humans, fictional characters feel they need a little help to face life’s challenges. And sometimes that help can come in the form of substances that cause serious harm. A bit of white powder here. A glug glug of beer there. In short, in fiction, there are often addictions. A graphic released Tuesday by substance abuse recovery site rounds up 31 popular characters from movies and television and digs into their particular habits — and how much they cost. It’s fiction, but “the reality of substance abuse is brought to life every day” by these characters, the site argues, and so — at least sometimes — are the consequences. Some of these characters grapple with substances that can cause grave problems in real life. Other “substances,” like spinach, could be considered a healthy habit. Related stories Sobriety app with panic button helps addicts stay on the wagon Even though Holmes wears a nicotine patch on the current BBC show “Sherlock,” points out that he was found in a drug den in one episode, and estimates his rate of cocaine use as equivalent to about $480 per month.
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Doctors discuss cyber wellness, alcohol addictions, reproductive care at annual meeting – Local – The Guardian

Name* Guardian photo by Brian McInnis The Medical Society of P.E.I. 159th annual meeting was held at Stanley Bridge Country Inn on Saturday to discuss three resolutions including cyber wellness, alcohol addictions and reproductive care. Dr. David Bannon, president of the society, said the emergence of the Internet and the Internet culture creates certain problems society hasnt had to deal with before and cyber bullying is one of them. That is a very challenging issue that needs attention, Bannon said. Chris Simpson, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said the traditional way people used to be bullied, in the schoolyard with words and at times physical violence, has given way to the digital environment of cyber bullying. Its a bit more insidious because you cant necessarily see that it is happening. Simpson said its their intent to develop a pilot project to view and deal with it differently. As part of the resolution, the medical society has partnered with Parry Aftab, an expert in the area of cyber wellness. The second resolution discussed was alcohol addictions on P.E.I. which Simpson said is a disease that crosses all social spectrums. The key is to develop programs that can help people recognize and treat these addictions in a non-judgmental way instead of casting people to the outside to recover from a difficult problem. The third resolution discussed was reproductive care and Dr.
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